Coming this fall: Harrison NotFord and Richard Lewis and Mark Stepakoff and Nanci Hobson, Caroline Cotter, Andrew Lewis,  Beth Barron, Steve Volkmann, and Sean Ryder and  more. Now available, for most live streams after July 2019, clips from the stream, remixed and edited, at an amazing price. Only thing better is your own recordings from your own session.
About Studio Session Live:

Studio Session Live started at HCAM-TV in Hopkinton with a concept by access producer Bob Crownfield.  Music, on cable access, but with PBS Quality.  Studio Session Live is music: A concert  recorded in the studio with a Guest Artist, and then edited for broadcast. 80 programs were recorded, with Guest Artists from MA, ME, RI, VA,  and and the UK. Shows air in several dozen towns, and half a dozen states

Airing still, it brings Folk, Folk Rock, Blues, Celtic, Renaissance music, in a new hour show every week, to cities all over Ma and beyond.

After many concerts, and open mikes, next was a series for public radio stations. We got to work with exceptional hosts!!

Now live streams, and good videos are available.

About Producer Bob Crownfield:

Bob strives for the best quality in music and in program. " Don't distract from the Guest Artists music, which is the real subject. Search for and choose good Guests, concentrate on making a good show, and let the Guest Artist make the good music. Choose emerging artists as well as established artists“.  Experience has shown that attention to both artistic and technical production quality pays off.  So many shows later, it has worked very well.  SSL video is chosen by Guest Artists for their websites because of its quality. Bob is at home with artistic problems from sound mix, to camera angles and transitions, and selecting the right Guests and helping them to feel at home and to make another great show.

About Producing Studio Session Live

When Studio Session Live was first an idea, one of the first goals was to achieve the best audio and video quality that we could. The second goal was to make sure that  nothing we did came between the audience and the guest artist.

Studio Session Live is a commitment between the guest artist and the producer. In return for the show that the guest artist creates, we produce the show. The viewer should enjoy the performance, not see the medium.

As you can imagine, producing a show like Studio Session Live takes a lot of resources. When I walk into an access studio like HCAM in Hopkinton  and start setting lighting for the show, I look at more than $250,000 worth of very expensive and technical equipment. First hour is the lighting setup, the second is the sound setup. The sound equipment produces CD / Studio quality 16 channel digital recordings which we remix into stereo, synch with the video, and edit for cablecast.

Before the guest artists walks into the studio, we have already spent more than 4 man hours on the show. We will record 16 channels of digital sound.  By the time the show is recorded. we have spent another 6 man-hours. Post production, remixing, and editing will take another 8+ man-hours. That typically adds up to about 18 hours of work before the show goes to the stations.

Now come see what we can do for you.