Now available, for most live streams after July 2019, clips from the stream, remixed and edited, at an amazing price. Only thing better is your own recordings from your own session. Coming you can expect, Nanci Hobson, Andrew Lewis,  Beth Barron, Steve Volkmann,  Sean Ryder, Janet Feld Greene,  Richard Lewis,  Barney Johnson, Mark Evans, Ralph DiFlorio, Devin Bender, Kevin Lucas, Maddie McGill,

More soon.
1/5  snowed out

1/12  Brendan Princi

1/19  Richard Lewis

1/26  no show scheduled

2/2  Mark Evans

2/9  Ralph DeFlorio

2/16  Devin Bender

2/25  Kevin L:ucas postponed

3/1   Maddie McGill

3/8  Linda Marks, Colette O'Connor, David Jackson

3/15  Virtual Music Time Machine
         No Show this week.
3/22  Virtual Music Time Machine
         Nanci Hobson
         Beth Barron
         Steve Volkmann

3/29  Virtual Music Time Machine,
         Sean Ryder
         Andrew Lewis, Nanci Hobson, and Tony V
         Larry Johnson

4/5   Virtual Music Time Machine
         Grant Maloy Smith
         Addison Locke

4/12   Virtual Music Time Machine

Yet to be scheduled-
Winners to be selected 3/21

Two Showcases, 20 minute sets, tree featured artists per Showcase

Two prizes,
1st is one hour of recording time,
2nd is 1/2 hour of recording time.Virtual Music Time MachineVirtual Music Time Machine