David Jackson performing
We are currently producing two live stream series, Virtual House Concert Live, and SongWriters In The Round.

Virtual House Concert Live is so named because you can watch and listen from virtually anywhere. Together with the artists, we present a house concert, live on the internet. They provide the music, and we provide the audio and video service that takes them to the virtual audience.

SongWriters In The Round is exactly that. Two or three songwriters share a live 45 minute set. They provide the music. We connect them to the internet. The buttons above let you sample what we did.

But we can also do Concert Window, Pivotshare, and DailyMotion live. We have several other viewer 'pay to play' options. We can record your set, and then upload it so your viewers can play to play your video.

If either of these sound like something that would interest you, then we should talk.
If you are a listener / watcher, then all you have to do is follow the Facebook pages.
If you are a performer, then you should contact us and find out if you are a good fit.

SongWriters In The Round is one of the things that we do to support music. It follows in the tradition of Studio Session Live, which took so many good artists to dozens of cable access stations or public radio stations from coast to coast. No artist ever had to pay to perform. It was not about money, it was about presenting good music and good artists as well as we could.
Coming    3/24 Chuck Hall and Nick Casey...3/31 Catie Flynn and Jimmie Lunsford,  4/7 TBD,  Bob Uvello and Phil Hunt,  4/21 TBD,   4/28 RuthAnn Baler and --,   5/19 John Maclean and John Ferullo
SongWriters In The Round:
Virtual House Concert Live:
Coming Concerts:
One important thing. You are the copyright holder of your music. Always.
We copyright only the show.
That protects us both from someone stealing the video for their own purposes. You can always link to the show anytime you want.