Coming this fall: Harrison NotFord and Richard Lewis and Mark Stepakoff and Nanci Hobson, Caroline Cotter, Andrew Lewis,  Beth Barron, Steve Volkmann, and Sean Ryder and  more. Now available, for most live streams after July 2019, clips from the stream, remixed and edited, at an amazing price. Only thing better is your own recordings from your own session.
News and Info

The purpose of Studio Session Live
is to bring the Guest Artists together with the audience
in such a way that nothing comes between the performer and the audience.

As you can see on the menu above,
we do radio, TV, Live netcasting, and recording.
Do any of these fit into your plans?

Are you an artist who should do a show for us?
Contact us. You can get the VIP Artist tour.

Do you have any interest in helping to bring things like music to the media, like radio, tv, and the internet? They are all around you. You can watch them, or...There are lots of creative, artistic, technical and social ways that you might help. We do that here. You can too.

Help by planning content, by publicity, and always by the technical arts, like lighting, video direction, and sound. Our system is amazingly easy to use if you already have experience, and ours is the easiest system to learn that you can imagine.

Sound interesting? Want to help, not just sit back? Want to do something new?

Want to meet the artists and help them reach an audience? You can. The first step is the biggest. You have to decide that you want to help and be a part of this.

The next step is to find out more about us, meet us and get the vip tour. See how we  do things.  It's just that easy.
Just contact us, and visit.

Tthen you can think about it, and decide if you think you want to help. Lots of chances to learn. We do a lot of that here.
Currently in production are SongWriters In The Round, and Virtual House Concert Live. Each show takes two musicians live to Facebook in a 45 minute show of original music.

The Poetry show is in the pre-planning stages.