Coming you can expect, Nanci Hobson, Caroline Cotter, Andrew Lewis,  Beth Barron, Steve Volkmann,  Sean Ryder, Janet Feld Greene,  Bill Liscombe!

More soon.
Now available, for most live streams after July 2019, clips from the stream, remixed and edited, at an amazing price. Only thing better is your own recordings from your own session.
If you are a star of either VHCL or SWITR,
you can get your whole set as video clips. 

SWITR  $100 whole show, your clips
VHCL    $150  whole show

1-3 clips for $30 each
Add audio stems, add $35

You can have any combination of the options below.

Slide transition will usually be rotating cube, but can be fade
1:  Slide   Series Name

2:  Slide   Songname  performed by yourname in 2 lines

      < video clip goes here >

3:  Slide   songname Performed and copyright by yourname in 3 lines

4:  Slide  Recorded Live by Studio Session Live, in studio 28b 1 or 2 lines
So we need to know
which slides you want,
and the song names
and how you want your name to appear.

Ask questions before you order.