Virtual House Concert Live is a series streamed live to facebook, often on a Sunday afternoon.

Artists perform their own music. Sometimes they go overtime, which is not a problem. We all win.

Virtual House Concert Live is a house concert, by a single artist, where the audience can be virtually anywhere. We kicked it up another 'virtual'  when we realized the concert itself can be virtually anywhere, thanks to green screen ChromaKey.

Each show is about 45 minutes long by the guest SongWriter of the day. The location might be a living room, or fall foliage or Nanci's barn, or even the tidal marsh in Sandwich.

Artist check in is 12:30. We do lighting check, camera check, and sound check. We stream live to facebook starting at 2:00.

If this sound like you should be a part of this, should contact us, and ask about how it works. Perhaps you will have a show.

Artists will need to provide a set release, and a signed release that allows us to take their music to the audience. Understood that their music is theirs, and the release just allows us to use the recordings in and to promote the series.