Three New Videos from Brandon Manter! Crash and Burn,  Broke As Hell,  and Off My Mind!  Check our Youtube Link on the Recording page.
We are now shooting 5 camera video, and switching cameras using a 27” touchscreen switcher. Each program has an opening title sequence and a closing title sequence. Shows typically have 12+ inputs to the switcher. Artists  are easily  captioned during their set. We are very proud of our Video, now 1080p60 high definition which is sharp, clear, and flicker free.

Most of what we shoot is ChromaKey and is looking good.
So not only our audience, but our studio can be virtually anywhere.

Sound is mixed in a 24” touchscreen controlled digital mixer with up to 24 channels, each with a large VU meter. We can record each channel separately, remix and re-sync and edit the video.  We redid the sound chain, and our new mixer and new software make a better user system.

We can stream almost anywhere. Typical would be Facebook, Youtube, Concert Window, or a private streaming server. We can also record for later playback.
1080p60 video at 20mbps
Green Screen Chroma Key
5 cameras
20 Channels of Sound
One important thing.
You are the copyright holder of your music. Always.

If you choose to record your music video here, it is completely yours.
We will only copyright the video, only if WE upload the video to social media at your request and with your permission, and in this case it protects you.  It's your Video. It's your choice.