Now available, for most live streams after July 2019, clips from the stream, remixed and edited, at an amazing price. Only thing better is your own recordings from your own session. Coming you can expect, Nanci Hobson, Andrew Lewis,  Beth Barron, Steve Volkmann,  Sean Ryder, Janet Feld Greene,  Richard Lewis,  Barney Johnson, Mark Evans, Ralph DiFlorio, Devin Bender, Kevin Lucas, Maddie McGill,

More soon.
These links to the show will work at the start time of the show.
Until then they go to the facebook page, but the show will not yet be there.
At streaming live time, the link will be active as will the stream.
Each show here is uploaded
first as the stream, at the show start time,
second as the recorded version which replaces the first,
and then thirds, the 1080p30 version goes to youtube.  

The link above takes you to Youtube and the edited and improved versions in 1080p
Click me to go the show
Virtual Music Time Machine events are now here