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"I just got the word that a very talented client took his recorded videos and sent them to the New Bedford Folk Festival.  He got a call the very next morning and they wanted him to appear on The South Coast Stage. That makes us feel very good. He got it because he is that good, and because the videos made that obvious!"
“ You go over and above in everything you do. I know now the work you put into your projects and I respect your dedication to commit, and to get as close to perfection as possible. When you played back my show I was speechless. “
"I have been heavily involved in serious audio for over 50 years and have heard my share of both good and bad recordings.  My listening is done on two reference systems that have been written up in “AudioXpress” magazine.  Both have very low distortion, wide frequency response, and wide dynamic range allowing critical listening.

Recently I have been auditioning live recordings done by Bob Crownfield at Studio Session Live.  They are very impressive on several fronts.  First the level of distortion is very low.  Second, the timbre is realistic.  Third, there is a freedom from overt processing that takes away the realism of live performances.  Room sounds are good and image placement is very believable.  Fourth, the balance between vocalists and instruments is right on.

What does this add up to?  A listening experience that is both believable and pleasing.  When you can hear the subtle inflections in voices and the detail workings of instruments, the emotions of the artists can come forward.  To me that is very important in a good recording.  Would that there were more recordings done today like this.  Listening would be much better."

"Its like having the performers sitting in the room with you."

"Bob Crownfield produces high quality, professional videos set in a relaxed atmosphere with a host of favorable backdrops with skill & ease."

"The sound quality and the video quality were excellent. Bob Uvello and Dave Kelly both had great performances"