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About Studio Session Live:

Studio Session Live started at HCAM-TV in Hopkinton with a concept by access producer Bob Crownfield.  Music, on cable access, but with PBS Quality.   A concert  recorded in the studio with a Guest Artist, and then edited for broadcast. 80 programs were recorded, with Guest Artists from MA, ME, RI, VA,  and and the UK. Shows aired in several dozen towns, and half a dozen states

Airing still, it brings Folk, Folk Rock, Blues, Celtic, Renaissance music, to cities all over Ma and beyond.

After many concerts, and open mikes, next was a series for public radio stations. We got to work with exceptional hosts!!

Now live streams, and good videos are available.

About Producer Bob Crownfield:

" Don't distract from the Guest Artists music, which is the real subject. Choose good Guests, concentrate on making a good show, and let the Guest Artist make the good music.  Experience has shown that attention to both artistic and technical production quality pays off.  SSL video is chosen by Guest Artists for their websites because of its quality.

About Studio Session Live

When Studio Session Live was first an idea, one of the first goals was to achieve the best audio and video quality that we could. The second goal was to make sure that nothing we did came between the audience and the guest artist.

Studio Session Live is a commitment between the guest artist and the producer. In return for the performance  that the guest artist creates, we produce the technical part. The viewer should enjoy the performance, not see the medium.

Hours are spent before the artists arrive, and more after they leave.

Now come see what we can do for you.